A downloadable game for Windows

In developement!

Check out the devlogs on YouTube!

link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ngIpg7MM6OHGoIncgvf9w

Use a legendary Revolver to shoot your way through puzzles and the like. There are many solutions to puzzles, so you are free to explore. Find your way through one enviromental puzzle after another.

Pick and choose which type of ammunition fits the job best, but be wary, there is only a limited number of them. Manage them well and you will succeed.

The thing that distinguishes good players from the best ones is their ability to get all the "Bonus stars" (Still no clue what they will end up being). They are hidden in places that require some special tactics and skill to get.

The game is still a long way from finishing, but you can check the current progress on our YouTube or social media. Also you can try a very early build of the game down below for free!

Download demo

Very early Demo (Everything is subject to change) 16 MB

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