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Recent updates

New Trailer
After some constructive feedback, here it is, the new trailer:...
Credit screen with FIRST PATRON!!
We just got our first Patron. The credits screen wasn't even ready, because I guess didn't think that it would happen. So it is now ready, with plenty space for...
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Ability Update 2
Just finished the second part of the ability update, touching up all the secondary abilities. The game should now feel more responsive and just a little nicer!...
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Visual Abilities update
Finally added visual effects for the main abilities. Until now just two had a feedback effect, but now they all do! Mostly done with a milky (sa Dani would say)...
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Minor/Major bugfix
Fixed a major/minor bug that might have frozen the main menu for like half a minute on some machines...
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Release trailer out
Hello again, we just released our game trailer yesterday! Here it is: Enjoy!...
Finally past the finish line! I finally released my first game. Damn was it fun to make and double damn am I glad I finally finished something...
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